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Concord vs. Blackstone

Concord offered $1.51 billion to acquire Hipgnosis Songs Fund's assets, slightly surpassing Blackstone's $1.5 billion bid. Blackstone advised shareholders to hold off on any actions as they contemplate next steps.

TikTok's US Challenges

Following the new US law requiring divestment or a ban, ByteDance, TikTok's parent company, may shut down TikTok in the US rather than sell it without its key algorithm, despite differing reports about selling the operations.

Spotify's Growth and Profit

Spotify's subscriber base increased to 239 million, contributing to its largest quarterly profit of $182 million. Following the earnings announcement, Spotify's stock rose, and CEO Daniel Ek sold 400,000 shares.

About me

With over two decades of digital music and media experience, I help artists, startups, and seasoned technology companies achieve their goals.

"Jaime is one of those extremely rare people that are able to fully understand the challenges of a task, strategically find the best paths to success, and have the capability to help a team realize these opportunities and achieve them." - Jonathan Sasse, CSO Metova Inc.

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